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The Fitness Center

Beth Nigri
Owner | 205.870.1121

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Vic Nigri started The Fitness Center in 1994 to provide one-on-one personal training and overall health and nutrition services. At the time, his wife Beth Nigri was a special education teacher with Birmingham City Schools, but she joined her husband’s business in 2003 and provides evaluation and nutrition services for clients along with marketing for the business.

The key to a successful health plan, Beth Nigri said, is setting goals that are reasonable for each person’s abilities and finding out what will motivate them enough to stick with the plan.

“None of us are perfect and we have to realize that, but at the same time we have to learn to make healthier choices,” Beth Nigri said. “Making those healthier choices makes a huge difference in the quality of your life.”

Several of The Fitness Center’s trainers have been part of the team for a long time. That includes manager David Reed assistant manager John Crowder, who have worked at The Fitness Center for 20 years and 17 years, respectively.

Since many of the trainers and clients have been with The Fitness Center for so many years, Beth Nigri said it feels a lot like a family, so clients enjoy being around them and are more likely to stay accountable. Increasing their physical health also helps The Fitness Center
clients handle stress and become more self-confident. Clients know The Fitness Center trainers genuinely care and want what’s best for them.