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Elevate Your Brand

Elevate Your Brand

Personal Branding for the Entrepreneur or Company Representative


What is it and why do it?

Personal Branding is more than a "headshot." The intention is to show more about you and your distinct personality. A picture is worth a thousand words and your image is now everywhere. What do people think when they see your photo?

Here are some results you can achieve when your personal branding is done well:

  • ·        Builds credibility
  •          Shows your true self
  •          Connects you with your target audience
  • ·        Sets you apart from your competition
  •          Gives you a consistent brand message across all platforms
  •          Represents your message and values
  •          Builds confidence

Quoting Tom Peters, "To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you."

Who needs personal branding? Just to name a few:

  •      artists
  •      financial planners
  •      chiropractors
  •      sales reps
  •      freelancers
  •      bloggers
  •      coaches
  •      corporate executives
  •      doctors
  •      lawyers

It is important to have several "looks" so you have a variety of images to use for specific purposes. In today's environment, our digital images are literally everywhere from social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to your own website (About Us page, Contact page, email newsletters, blog and more) and even in your email signature.

Many times, images are requested for print for your own business use (brochures, ads, promotions, advertisements, business cards and flyers) and for self promotion (magazine or newspaper features and articles).


You can also use your branding photos for personal use, such as a framed image for the desk of your significant other or for your dating site profile.

Size Matters

Ask your photographer to provide vertical, horizontal, and square images so you don't have to do the cropping when you upload your profile images. Images also need to be sized for web and for print. Printed photographs from a digital image sized for web will look pixelated (fuzzy) if the resolution is too small.


Personal branding provides “the look” that you want to portray to the world. Proper branding techniques give you:

  • consistent messaging across social media platforms
  • an honest portrayal of your personality, likes, expectations, or goals
  • powerful advertising for your business.

Use personal branding in every arena and experience an edge you can take to the bank. If you need help, contact me at the links listed below.


Gretchen Birdwell, Gretchen B Photography, is an award winning Certified Professional Photographer whose studio is located in Helena, Alabama. She has maintained her studio for eleven years and specializes in portraits for both business and personal use.

View more of her work on her website (, Facebook (, and Instagram (GretchenBPhotography).