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NL Rieves Consulting, LLC/Crouch & Associates, LLC

NL Rieves Consulting, LLC

Crouch & Associates, LLC

Nancy L. Rieves, Ed.D.

Birmingham, Alabama



Nancy’s background provides her with numerous skills and experiences, which she uses in her role as a nonprofit consultant. Her passion is to help nonprofits raise more money so more people may be served.

She is the founding and former Executive Director of the Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society) Foundation. Prior to launching the Foundation and leading fundraising, scholarship and public relations efforts, Rieves served in leadership roles in planning, accreditation, and advancement while also teaching leadership, marketing, and other business classes at a college in Arkansas.  She has directed fundraising efforts for both higher education and the art community, her two greatest passions.

Rieves credits her experiences in higher education and related institutions, strengthened by her doctorate dissertation in analyzing fundraising activities, love for learning, and desire to help nonprofits and leaders reach their fullest potential. She teams up with Crouch & Associates, LLC to build fundraisers who are aware, prepared and passionate about maximizing their organization’s capacity.

Nancy may be reached at [email protected] or 901.237.9086.

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